Monday, 6 October 2014

Two Variety of Ancient Greek dialect


Variety of ancient Greek dialect, fusion (dialect of Athens) Attica dialect of classic period. It is a common Greek dialect of the first, and became the trade language of the Near East and throughout the Eastern Mediterranean. First, Koine is possible to follow the footsteps to conquer land of Alexander the Great and the Macedonian army. After the colonial city has been built in various places in the Hellenistic period, I came to be spoken in the area leading up to India around Egypt. The Greek conquest after by the Roman Republic, (two languages ​​coexist) is established diglossia of Latin and Greek, the entire area of Rome even won the status of second language or first language in Rome. However, went out of vogue in Western Europe when it comes to the Middle Ages.

Can reveal the origins of Christianity it is also Koine. Evangelism of the apostles, because he has been done in the Greek-speaking and Greek. In addition to is called the New Testament from Greek that it was also used in the "New Testament" original text, Koine that were used at this time, also known as a post-classical Greek dialect and Alexandria.

Medieval Greek (Medieval Greek)

Was used in the Eastern Roman Empire, the successor of the Koine. However, from the spoken language of the day-to-day that was approaching the modern Greek in many respects already, to literary academic are included highly modeled on Attic dialect of the classic period, what that means is diverse . I said that the "Greek Middle Ages", a term which includes the entire Greek empire until demise in the 15th century. Many of the written language became the official language of the empire, it was intended to be eclectic-neutral was born based on the tradition of literary Koine. Greeks to emigrate to Italy along with the Fall of Constantinople, Greek was introduced to other European again.

Modern Greek (Modern Greek)

Because it is derived from the Greek Middle Ages, the origin of the wording can be determined (11 century at the earliest) Eastern Roman Empire era. Modern Greek is a language that is spoken by the Greeks as modern of its name. Several dialects exist separately from the standard language, written language is close to the classical Greek colloquial civilians transmitted from the era of the Eastern Roman Empire and (Demotiki), has been used in literature and theology booklets and official documents (Giko Scripture it has been established while shaken between based on a word) of "Kasarevusa".